Attract your ideal buyers with Google Ads

98% of search on the internet in India is done on Google, and getting visibility on the platform can do wonders for a brand. Although SEO is the organic way of reaching high rank, Google Ads is the paid means to attain a high rank on the search page in digital marketing campaigns.

  • Keep cost as low as possible
  • Bring in potential customers daily
  • No long term contracts
Google Ads manager

How We Do Google / Meta Ads Management

Get more prospects by advertising on the first page of Google to people who show an interest in exactly what your business offers.
Ads Management

Trust our team to do the hard work of ensuring your ads show up when potential buyers are searching for your products and services..

Campaign Optimization

Our certified advertising specialists have optimized and managed various ads campaigns.

Campaign Support

Our managed service means that real people are working on your campaign and are here to support you.

Google PPC search

Google Search Ads

Our team will work closely with your business to identify key strategies to increase conversions and lower cost-per-conversion.

Whether we’re creating entirely new campaigns or optimizing your existing ones, we’ll ensure they’re as effective as they can be.

Google PPC search

Google Shopping Ads

When you work with our Google managed Shoping Ads services, we’ll design expertly crafted Google Shopping Ads campaigns that focus on customers with high purchase intent.

Through a combination of comprehensive research and our own years of experience, we’ll make sure prospective customers are ready to become satisfied shoppers with your products.

Google Remarketing ads

Google Remarketing Ads

We pair captivating ad copy with smartly targeted keywords to ensure that consumers are more than willing to give your brand a second look.

Our Google Ads agency will build a unique remarketing and retargeting strategy that will help your business maximize conversions and turn “on the fence” into “I love it” in no time flat.

Google PPC search

Google YouTube Ads

Some products are just better seen on video, and Beehive Technologies YouTube ad services can get you there.

We’ll ensure that high-quality video ads are put in front of highly relevant audiences primed for the products you have to offer.

Google Ads Landing Page Design

Having a great Google ad is all well and good – and we’ll help you achieve that and more – but you also need to consider where you’re sending people who interact with your ads. Slow, confusing, or unattractive landing pages can alienate shoppers at the last hurdle, which is why crafting a great landing page is part of our Google Ads management services.

Lets sell / display your products online

You need to consider where you’re sending people who interact with your ads. Sending prospective customers to a site where they can’t find the item they want to buy is bad. Our writers and designers have considerable experience in building landing pages designed to maximize conversions and turn shoppers into buyers.

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Manish P

It's a great product, and is reasonably priced. I like the service of their designer, because they take time to help you understand the website.

Annet N.

I had a previous bad experience with a web designer who did not deliver what he promised. I was frustrated! When i came to know about beehive, I decided to give them a try. And I am so glad i did


I've been looking for a web development firm that can build a website exactly to my specifications and I found them. Thanks for the great work you did.

Rahul Jain

The team at Beehive Technologies does great work. I am very happy with their support and the product they have made for me.

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